My interest revolving around photography is highly addictive. It connects us to our past, associates us in an event, and preserves memories without words and the interpretation makes it an influential hobby for all of us. I think it’s fun because it’s relaxing and at the same time I can show my creativity just through everyday things you see-whether an old chair, a bug on the leaf or just about everything you can work on attention to details. The challenge of spending a long time in front of the computer editing pays off when there are immediate feedbacks or “Likes” on Facebook.

I would like to help you out capture those memorable moments, like the way I do to my kids and my family. Being a father, my camera’s job circled back in documenting my sons’ adventures and their growing years to look back and help them remember those special occasions.

The ability of capturing a moment as it happens with just a single click of a button is the only way we can record events. Photography allows me to stop that and ponder for a moment. It is very important because it is a way to have visual sense of every aspect of our lives and history. Life happens in moving pictures. What time has forgotten is to take a picture and look back to see how things were. It is just so much fun.